You sigh at every advert showing dewy, soft glowing skin, you’ve bought every single product that promised you better skin.

You have gone from one beauty therapy to another and there has been no improvements.

Wait, maybe you need to understand your situation.
The causes of dry brittle skin include:

Dehydration! Have you been drinking water or do you go for flavored pop substitutes?

Smoking! It can encourage dryness of skin

Hormonal imbalance: Certain hormones can lead to continuous and prevailing lack of moisture in the dermis, leading to frequently dry skin and chapped lips

Age, some things decline with age and unfortunately the skin happens to be one of them.

Weather conditions such as cold and dry air (harmattan).

Chemical found in creams and soaps, so also is excessive washing and also spending too much time in direct sunlight.

Having had a grasp of the real culprit(s), a journey to a dewy, soft glowing skin starts now.

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