Timini’s relationship has been an issue on Twitter due to the age difference between him and his girlfriend. It is however very surprising to see that despite the relationship quotes and beautiful marriage pictures that make you scream “Awwnn” from the depth of your heart, certain people still have limiting mindsets about love and marriage due to the cultural and societal limitations of status and age.


Timini’s relationship has brought to the surface certain unspoken rules which the public holds over a relationship, despite the level of exposure and civilization present in a society. Several relationship experts have said in books, speeches and during consultations that age is merely a figure and what actually matters is the maturity of the parties involved in the relationship. Maturity in this context connotes the ability of a person to understand life issues combined with a person’s life experiences.


Basically, in my opinion, what matters most is whether the parties involved are compatible with each other. If the parties agree on similar things and have less differences, I believe that they can walk the roads of love together. This is because love will forever remain a mystery which no one can fully define.


What are your thoughts about what really matters in a relationship? Age or compatibility? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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