Productivity is not a myth; it is possible within the confines of focus. Thus, it is important that we consider how to avoid distractions before they come knocking in order to increase productivity at work. These are the tips to follow on how to avoid distractions before they show up:


  1. Get rid of distractions on social media. Social media platforms do us a lot of good by making us connected to the world and what goes on around us; however, there is a thin line between receiving information and becoming addicted to social media. Social media does more harm than good in situations where it captures our attention and prevents us from having an enhanced productivity at work.
  2. Have an accountability partner that is willing to track your progress with you. There is nothing as relationships who are committed to your growth just as you are. These accountability relationships will keep you in check and thus, gives you a higher chance to be productive before distractions comes knocking. 
  3. Do the most work within your productive hours. We all have that period of time in a day, the time when our energy levels are very high. For some it is the day time and for others it is at night. Taking note of your productive hours will make you harness that period of time to get a lot of work done. In other words, take advantage of the period of time when you are most eager to get work done.


We have seen and read about a lot of productive people; and one recurring quality about them is discipline and the ability to maximize the power of focus. Do not just stop at reading about them; be them too.

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