Since the cancellation of sporting activities around the world due to the spread of Coronavirus, one can’t help wondering the fate of sports lovers at that time. Of course, the cancellation would definitely hit sports lovers really hard, as it can suffice to taking away the best meal of a child. While the child can rant and complain, later, the child would be left with no other option than to suffer in silence.

This could have been the exact fate of sports lovers in the country. While some were waiting in boredom, some decided to find a new hobby, some saw old football matches or followed the news flying around on Coronavirus. What did you do as a sports fan when there was cancellation of football matches especially?

Did you find a new hobby? Sometimes, the love of a thing or of an activity might blind us to the existence of other things or activities that might interest us. If you are surprised as to how finding a new hobby can be possible, the process is quite simple if you are willing to. Look inwards and go on the journey of self-discovery, highlight the activities that draw your attention and be committed to them. Before you know it, (boom) you have a new hobby! 

Did you get some cleaning done? Were you able to keep your table organized? With the lockdown in place, there was no way the organization of the house could be procrastinated again.

Did you pursue your goals? The lockdown was a good time to pursue forgotten goals and also to start that new thing you had always wanted to start. 

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