ME AND MY CRUSHES – EPISODE 2 (Love and Disappointment Episodes)


“Hey Beautiful”, those were my first words to her.


We were just complete strangers; but soon, she filled my thoughts as quickly as a rushing tap water fills a bucket. Because she was constantly on my mind, I always wanted to say hello. 


Her smile was enough proof for me; her voice told me I was doing the right thing. But soon enough, her words started to confuse me. How can one say one thing and act the exact opposite? I felt we were still in the hard-to-get phase; but soon, I understood that I had been in the never-to-get phase since inception. 


I did not want to take her words as an answer; I tried pressing for a favourable response until a well-meaning neighbour called me aside and said “Oga, you wan cook something wey you go never finish o. That girl dey go out with soldier o. I say make I tell you so you go shine your eye. I know your heart go suffer, but no let your bodi join am o”.


I pondered on the words of my neighbour; and I decided my body will not suffer from the pains inflicted by a soldier. I took my neighbour’s advise and continued loving my crush in my imagination only.

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