In life, people step on our toes and the normal reaction is to scream and yell at them. But sometimes, yelling and screaming might not be an healthy expression,  for us and for the person we are yelling at. Thus, here are tips on how to express your anger in an healthy way:

  1. Never suppress your anger: Suppressed anger leads to outbursts of feelings. At the end of the day, the message isn’t passed across, only the anger is felt. The solution to this is to address each issue as they come up instead of telling yourself that you will let it go when in fact, you are still holding on to it.
  2. In expressing your anger, make sure you highlight how your emotions have been affected and reasonably explain how the person’s feelings have affected you.
  3. Journaling: Writing down how you feel is efficient and therapeutic, especially when the person is someone you can’t talk to, perhaps your boss or an elderly person you don’t want to disrespect.


Sometimes, it’s okay not to say anything. You can choose to ignore your offender, take a walk and choose to forget. For whatever option you choose, make sure it is for your mental and emotional health.


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