The global pandemic has caused certain industries to be on the losing side; however, on the other end, there has been a high demand for certain products and there is a high probability that businesses that deal in these products will thrive after Covid-19. The businesses are as follows:


  1. Healthcare businesses: People need to wear surgical masks; people need to get hand sanitizers; people need to buy surgical gloves etc. Businesses that deal in healthcare products will thrive after Covid-19 as people are more concerned more than ever before about their health and the health of their loved ones.
  2. Software developers: Software developers will thrive after Covid-19 as industries and government at certain levels will begin to bid for applications that support online meetings, online tracking, online institutions and any other application that would be as effective as physical meeting. This is the time for those in the tech industry to thrive.
  3. Transportation businesses: Even though it seems transportation businesses are on the low side, it is pertinent to note that after the lockdown is lifted, transportation businesses will thrive again in order to ensure movement from one place to another. 


Thus, post Covid-19 will be favourable to certain businesses; especially businesses that meet the problems of people after lockdown. 

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