Nigeria is a religious state, no doubt and so it felt weird when churches and mosques were closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, with the partial ease of the lockdown permitting people to go to markets and offices for essential services, Pastor Oyedepo has questioned the government’s closure of churches despite the partial ease which allows people to go to markets and offices during the Covenant Service on Wednesday.

Pastor Oyedepo suggested that churches could be allowed to open for 2 hours since markets could be open for 6 hours. Pastor Oyedepo said “I can smell a rat. The Lord spoke to me on it so strong yesterday. I can smell a rat. Behind all this, how do we stop the church from exploding? The people involved don’t know it.

“The voice of darkness is influencing people at various levels, targeting the church because the growth and expansion of the church is the greatest headache of the devil. But the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The devil and all his agents shall surely pay for this.

“I don’t know what hospital that records the kind of healings that the church of God records. And now hospitals, where people die every day, are open, but the church is closed because the oppression of the devil has no medical cure.”

Several pastors and religious people share similar opinions with Pastor Oyedepo as they believe that if the church is open for religious gatherings, the pandemic would disappear from the world while others simply believe that the government’s directives should be obeyed pending the time where it is safe to open churches.

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