A rising hysteria is witnessed nationwide as Corona virus rages through Kano at an unprecedented rate. 

Kano state and several other northern states took a stand against the the lockdown rules, proclaiming their immunity and safety as they were far from the hot spots of infection (Lagos and Abuja). However, their decision had backfired as seen by the high rate of death and spread of the dreaded Corona virus within the borders of the state.

All eyes that were turned on Lagos had shifted to that northern berth and emergency measures are being taken to contain and treat but with a malfunctioned health system, this will prove a difficult battle.

There are news of health workers dying from the infection of the Coronavirus, and thus, some doctors are running away from Kano state because of the fear of the infection. That begs the question if the health workers themselves are safe, these very health workers who are the front line defense, a final hope against the spread of the disease. 


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