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Hushpuppi makes his follower a millionaire.

Dubai based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, inspires his fans on social media by narrating how he changed the life of one of his follower who left a positive comment on a post he shared.

Hushpuppi states that he has been a victim of trolling and bullying on Instagram for many years. For this reason, Hushpuppi said there are times when he disables comments on his post, since what he does not see or read about has no way of hurting him.

However, some days ago when he was about to delete a post of a new car he acquired, Huspuppi said he noticed some followers trolling another follower who congratulated him for the new car and prayed for him.

He went ahead to screenshot the comment and saved the image in favorites on his post, he was looking through his phone days later, noticed the screenshot, decided to message him and found out it was the his birthday, Hushpuppi decided to make his day and made the lucky follower a millionaire on his birthday.

He went ahead to advise his followers to “Always be positive, always wish well for others and goodness will come to you”

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