Sometimes, personality disorders creep in and steals the love and attention our partner deserves in friendships and romantic relationships. Some of these personality disorders get played out as a constant display of mood swings which constantly puts off the other partner. While some of these personality disorders are attributed to past emotional trauma, some are caused by hormonal imbalances, especially in women. However, in whatever case, the party at the receptive end of mood swings gets to suffer the effects of these mood swings more as he/she often feels attacked by his/her partner’s imbalance. Thus, these effects make the other partner suffer feelings of confusion which gradually leads to feelings of rejection and which subsequently ends up in a painful breakup of the relationship. 


However, here are the tips to follow if you are always blamed for having constant mood swings in your relationship:


  1. Find out the cause of the constant changes in your mood: One effective way of doing this is by tracing each situation where you had a mood swing and taking note of your triggers. You will have to be completely honest with yourself as you do this. If it is due to stress or anxiety, it is important that you take some time off for rejuvenation. If it is due to a past emotional trauma, it is advisable that you book a session with a trusted therapist who will help you clarify your thoughts. It is also very possible that you are not pleased with the relationship or friendship, which might be a negative energy for you thereby causing the occasional mood swings. 
  2. Communication: Communication in any kind of relationship cannot be over-emphasized as it clarifies doubts and helps the other party understand how to handle the situation. When the mood swing is due to an hormonal imbalance, communication would help the other party clarify the feelings of confusion. Furthermore, communication always strengthens the bond between both parties in any given relationship. 
  3. Feed your mind with positive and happy thoughts: The mind has always been seen to be the center of thoughts; and thoughts influence the major decisions of man. When you think positive and happy thoughts always, your mood improves and so also will your relationship. However, meditating on positive thoughts requires discipline and this discipline can be effected through active thinking. In some instances, research has shown that listening to happy music can also help in positive thinking.


With these tips, your mood will surely improve and your relationship with other people will become strengthened. 


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