Smartphones, just like their names, are really smart. With a smartphone, some things are ticked off on a man’s/woman’s list, especially as it satisfies the need to be actively present in a digitalized world.


However, few are aware of the risks that a smartphone poses especially in exceptional circumstances where there is a bad charger, bad phones or ignorance of the user.


The following are instances where your smartphone can be as deadly as a gun which might in turn cause you great harm:


  1. When water comes in contact with your charger or when you charge your phone in the bathroom: There are certain places where your phone should stay away from when charging – the bathroom. Water shouldn’t come in contact with your phone or your charger when you are charging due to the basic law taught in physics about how water and electricity are enemies. Therefore, avoid charging your phone in the bathroom. 
  2. When you use your earbuds when charging your phone, you stand at a risk of being electrocuted. This is because electricity can surge through the phone into the ears, especially when you are using a faulty charger. Nevertheless, avoid using earbuds when charging your phone.
  3. When you use a fake phone charger, especially when the wires in the charger are already visible, you stand at a risk of being electrocuted. It is better to change your phone chargers as soon as they begin to wear out; and dispose of fake chargers as soon as possible.


Prevention is always better than cure; especially in instances where you are not sure of a cure. It is better to take the precautions and be safe than to be exposed to a dangerous situation. Have fun with your phones; but be safe.

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