How to stay creative while working from home

Image Credit: Nextiva

Working from home could be a dream come true for a lot of us. We get to spend more time with family and avoid the daily stress of traffic. But as interesting as working from home is, it can seriously affect your creativity at times.

Working at home alone, day in and day out can take its toll. You find yourself unable to concentrate, the quality of your work starts slipping, and every idea you come up with seems contrite and unimaginative. In short, you lose your creative spark.

With everything that’s been going on lately, many of you will be working from home for the first time. Luckily, there few ways to keep your creativity intact.

Start your day right, Exercise. If you don’t normally exercise, it is definitely time to get moving, Exercising is the one activity that is guaranteed to improve your overall mental well-being, this will help boost creativity. Center yourself before you start looking at your phone or laptop.

Find a spot it your house where you won’t be distracted. Make that area tidy and remove any clutter. Inform the rest of the household of your work hours, too – so they know not to disturb you. A small adjustment goes a long way.

Prepare ahead, write your job list for the following day you can use an app or your notepad to manage your tasks.

Take breaks, take nap. Try as much as possible to rest. Create a break time for yourself to refresh.

Even in this lock down period, you can still stay in touch with clients and colleagues, as you know. Video calls can be useful, FaceTime or zoom for meetings.

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