How to cultivate healthy eating habits

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Staying home and eating more than you normally do is almost everyone’s story during this lockdown.

You find yourself visiting the kitchen and fridge more frequently, you are bored and just want to snack on something while watching movies. Now you are gaining visible weight, you might want to cut down on what you consume or change your eating habits so your office wear can still fit.

Here are five ways to adapt healthy eating habits 

  1. Eat in small portions, by doing this you do not over feed. You tend to eat less in a day.
  1. Make water more readily available. Most of us mindlessly take a more of soda or a sip of coffee as we do other tasks. Try this instead: put a large bottle water somewhere close to you throughout your day. You’ll find that if it’s sitting next to you, you’ll often opt for water instead.
  1. Display healthy foods in a prominent place.Stock up on more fruits or nuts. When you’re hungry and in a mood to snack up, you are more likely to grab the thing you see.
  1. Pay attention to your ingredients. Not all spices are healthy, be cautious of what you put in your meal.
  1. Avoid greasy and heavy meals. I guess we all know this, too much fatty and heavy food are not signs of healthy eating.

We need to take note that we are home most of the time or all the time, and we tend to do less than we normally do so we might want to include a little exercise in our daily routine.

Remember to stay healthy.

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