Gomoney Delivers Timely Remedies To Money Matters

When it comes to money matters, there are some indisputable truths: most of us like money, most of us hate banking. We can’t stand the long lines, the confusing lingo, or the endless paperwork that comes with almost every transaction. We’d really like to keep track of our spending – for instance, it would be nice to know how much we spend on data, or groceries… but no one really has the time to track all of that on a consistent basis. We really like going out to eat with our friends, but we really hate that moment when it is time to split the bill and the debate over who ate what begins. 


When it comes to money matters, things can be pretty stressful. Or at least they used to be.  


Until gomoney came into the picture. 


gomoney is a banking platform created to simplify your money – fully accredited, licensed secured and insured, and completely online. gomoney is the financial app that helps you perform your banking transactions in the easiest, smoothest, fastest, and most convenient way… all on your phone, in the comfort of your home (or wherever else you might be). Want to open an account? You can sign up in minutes! Want to buy data, airtime or pay for your utilities? It’s easy and instant. Want to send or receive money to friends or family? You can use the “Nearby Payment” feature to make payment to visible gomoney users via Bluetooth. You can split bills with your friends and family before/during your payment using the “Split” feature. 


gomoney also helps you track your spending by allowing you pick spending categories that fit any transaction, so you can pull up a detailed report at any time to see how well you’re doing. Users can fund their gomoney account via bank transfers, USSD or Money Agents, no matter what bank they use.  


Gomoney  is Banking the way it should have beenall along :easy, fast, secure and mobile. It’s your money, where you need it, when you need it…  coupled with the very best way to keep track of how you’re spending it. The world is changing, your banking should too.  


gomoney is the best way to move and manage your money; gomoney is the Smartest Way to Spend.  



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