OSG outreach to Okun Ajah, Oke IRA and Langbasa

In the spirit of the Covid19 pandemic and stay at home order by the Lagos state Government in other to prevent spread of the virus, there is no denying that this is a tough time for everyone.

There has been an urgent need for people to stay at home, but in a situation where there is nothing to eat at home, sooner than later people would be forced to step out to earn something in other to have food on their table. 

In the bid to ensure the effectiveness of the Stay at home order and and most importantly to help the needy, On 28 March, 2020 Olorisupergal Media team collaborated with The Make Up Fair, Mo baby care and the support of Nigerian donations, OSG Team where able to share Items like soaps, sanitisers, beans, bread, garri, salt and pepper were  donated to residents  of Okun Ajah, Oke Ira and Langbasa in Ajah, Lagos State.

The team spoke to the residents about the current virus spreading and prevention measures which was also translated to them in Yoruba Language. 

Whilst the packs were been shared, the team informed the residents to keep at least 6 meters from each other but they didn’t follow instructions as the relief packs were handed to them.

In this current situation we advise everyone to stay at home, go out only when Its important, sanitize and wash your hands under running water, avoid touching your face, stay safe and also, remember help people in need if you can. 

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