OSG: International Womens Day #EachforEqual

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and poluitical achievements of women. International Women’s Day has occured for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people. The  day also marks a call to action for women’s equality.

This year’s theme is #EachforEqual, this years theme requires us to raise awareness against bais and take action for equilty, and also Celebrate womens achievement.

We sent a questionaire to women working in male dominated fields and this were there opinion on #EachforEqual

Luro Olubukola Evelyn, CEO of Sky Connect Technologies, is a technological company that deals with Solar, renewable energy, CCTV camera, and home security system sales and installations. Bukola felt challenged when she found out the job she has fell in love with was a male dominated field, but decided to make a difference so she took up an apprentice postion in an energy company. learnt for 3 years and started her company in 2017 and has been doing ever since.

• In your field of work, have you experienced any event of gender inequality/bias?

Bukola: well i would say mildly , i have experienced the bias … sometimes i have to take a male staff with me to be listened to… people don’t usually perceive me as a technical person , they will walk past me sometimes asking to see the Boss , lol .. but i am grateful for the ones who gives me an opportunity and continually support me

Some will go out of their way to tell people how good i am at my job,  and how my Gender is no limit to what i deliver in my profession

• How do you think society can corb gender inequality?

Bukola: Opportunity! , Men need to understand we women are daily pushing to be more than what the society subjects us to… they shouldn’t be in a hurry to dismiss a woman who works in a male dominated space… the phrase what a man can do a woman does better  can be a bit threatening to these men lol

Give a woman a chance and opportunity to prove herself period!

• What is your advice to young ladies trying to grow in a male-dominated field?

Bukola: Don’t Give up, when they talk u down , use every sexism slur to muster all strength and keep pushing

If you love what you do and it gives you Joy

Get better at it and show them you are the best

Keep Going there is a space in that world , even if the men frowns … get good at what you do and MEN will hand you a sit in that space !

• How do you think we can raise awareness against bias and take action for equality?

Bukola: We need to let the society know women are not as the old age limits us to

Women wants to be heard

A woman can excel in every sphere of professionalism and be good at it

Oladimeji Elena Oluwafunke, she studied Fine and Applied Art at Ekiti state university in affiliation with Adeniran Ogunsanya college of education. She is now a full time studio artist at the Universal Studios of Art where she does representative art and has participated in several exhibitions and art auctions.

• In your field of work, have you experienced any event of gender inequality/bias?

Funke: Well, I can say that my works have never revealed my gender. At the start of my career, my physiognomy suggested that I couldn’t or wouldn’t achieve the feats I wanted.


• How do you think society can corb gender inequality?

Funke: Society can curb this menace with less stereotypes and more faith and trust that what men can do, women can do also. Society needs to change that narrative.

• What is your advice to young ladies trying to grow in a maledominated field?

Funke: Strive with determination and discipline to work hard

• How do you think we can raise awareness against bias and take action for equality?

Funke: Through seminars, workshops and empowerment programs.


We appreciate the impact these women are making and attempting in thier fields, we also celebrate thier achievements so far. Happy international womens day to every woman around the world, we see your works and we appreciate you.

Keep making a Difference.

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