Coca-Cola Breathes New Life into Maternity Hospitals in Alimosho

New mothers who have a heavy reliance on the public maternity in Alimosho have more reasons to celebrate now, thanks to the Coca-Cola Safe Birth Initiative. These mothers and their babies are now considered to be well catered for following Coca-Cola’s visit to the maternity ward and neonatal unit medical facility in Alimosho.

It was all smiles at the Alimosho General Hospital as Coca-Cola handed over the much-needed equipment worth a total conservative value of about $742,000 ie over N267 Million required to strengthen their capacity to assure the safety of new mothers and their babies.

Through the Safe Birth Initiative, Coca-Cola is ensuring that mothers and babies in less-privileged regions across Nigeria have easy access to state-of-the-art medical facilities, as well as education on family planning and best practices for child and mother care.

In a country like Nigeria where the birth rate is rapidly on the rise, the equipment, information, and facilities needed to effectively cater to those in need of them are simply not adequate, which is what makes the Safe Birth Initiative so important today. For the average Nigerian mother and infant, it is an initiative of progress, hope, and the assurance that they are in safer hands.

The equipment received by the hospital, courtesy of Coca-Cola ranged from birthing and intensive care beds, infant incubators, fetal monitors, phototherapy lights, Electrosurgical units, Anesthesia machines to operating tables, baby scales, and ultrasound machines, amongst others.

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