OSG Man Crush Monday : Mawuli Gavour

Source: Instagram @mawuligavor

Our MCM is non other than Mawuli Peter Gavour. Mawuli is a Ghanaian born actor, producer, TV presenter and entrepreneur. He graduated with a degree in Business Management & Finance from Pennsylvania, he started modeling has a hobby at 19 in New York.  Beginning his professional career as an accountant before changing paths after being offered a brand ambassadorship from Martini in Ghana and Nigeria.

Source: Instagram @mawuligavor

He is known for movies and tv series such as Obsession, Hush, Sugar rue, Chief Daddy and many others.

Asides acting, he is also a co-host of the magazine tv show 53 Extra. Mawuli Gavour alongside Olivia Orji won the awards for best kiss in a movie at Bon Awards 2018.

Mawuli Gavour Instagram Page


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