Mobile Data Comparison among Nigeria’s Network Provider

Internet subscription in Nigeria has suddenly become a necessity for many people, thanks to the increasing number of internet users in the country. According to arecent report by NCC, internet subscribers in Nigeria currently stands at 122,489, 257 as of November 2019.

Based on numbers, the foremost internet providers- MTN and GLO, dominated as subscribers favorite with an estimated 53 million and 27.3 million users respectively; both Airtel and 9Mobile are also catching up on the moving train with approximately 34million and 8million users respectively.?

What is most important in this article is to reveal to you, a comparison data that suggest the best internet provider across board, although, that may be relative depending on which is your favorite. On that note, the various data below will capture the monthly, weekly, and daily subscription rate for the respective networks as well as the Naira value with respect to purchase.

Monthly Plans

Taking a close look at the above table for monthly data subscription, it is not so hard to tell that 9Mobile, MTN and Airtel share a lot in common, although, MTN apparently offers the most subscription options for monthly data plan, the trio seems to offer the best data options with affordable values to go by side. Glo on the other hand appears to offer the most expensive data rates with ‘not as much’ value as other internet providers (in my own opinion).

On the average, 9Mobile offers lesser options, although its available options are quite competitive in the market.

The battle of the fittest is more prominent between MTN and Airtel as they seems to offer virtually the same rate and value across board.

As for the weekly data subscription, Airtel and MTNappears to offer the most options, however, 9mobile and Glo leads the chat as they offer more value for less amount.


Here, 9mobile wins the league for daily plans as it offers more value for lesser amount (although not exactly ‘lesser’, in this case, the service provider offersextensional period for data value).

As seen in the above table, 9mobile subscribers can enjoy a 2GB subscription for 3-days, where other network providers offer for just two-days or perhaps lesser as in the case of Airtel.

9mobile also offer two options for its 1GB daily subscription which can either be N300 for the entire day or N200 for all of the night, which if compared to other network provider is a lot more affordable.

Glo is not also left out in the super frenzy offering, as it also allows its subscribers to enjoy extensional days on its 210 MB which last for 4-days, Airtel which offers similar package only allows usability for a single day in that category. Anyway, it wins in the category of the 200MB as it offers extensional period for 3-days.

Glo also has the most options in this category as it offers as low as 10MB daily data subscription.

By now, you probably would have known which network is most suitable for internet usage. That been said, a person’s perfect choice of internet subscription is mostly dependent on how good the internet is in most cases.

You can leave a comment below on your thoughts about data subscription in Nigeria.

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