No woman deserves to lose her live while birthing another life, hence, the reason why many women who go through childbirth and come out alive are always full of thanksgiving.

One year after the birth of her baby, Nollywood actress Aishat Lawal has shared a testimony about how she almost died during the birth of her daughter.

According to her, God saved her.

Today, she’s celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and also one year of being given another chance to be alive.

Read her testimony below:

365 days ago, the angel of death kept knocking, but my faithful God said NO, not today, not anytime soon. 1 whole week of persistent false contractions/labour, Baby rested on pelvic bone, cldnt walk or bend, sagging cervix, 13 hrs of serious labour, serious tears and stitches after vagina birth, sudden postpartum hemorrhage, causes not known, emergency theatre, lungs collating water while undergoing treatment in theatre while I was unconscious.

48 hrs in ICU (All ds while my mind kept telling me I was not gonna make it) stitches got healed finally exactly 1 month after childbirth.

So tell me why I won’t be grateful, Oba to fi anu gba mi, Olorun to rami pada,Olohun to ni ma si wa laye lati jeri oruko oun, SO IT’S OFFICIALLY MY DAUGHTER AND I ‘S BIRTHDAY COZ I WAS GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE TO LIVE, IT’S ZEE’S 1ST BIRTHDAY AND MY OWN REBIRTH TOO. ALHAMDULIAHIROBILAMIN. I NEED UR PRAYERS COZ DT’S WOT KIPS ME GOING???

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