It’s Throwback Thursday and Precious Chikwendu, the wife of Nigerian politician, Femi Fani-Kayode, is using the opportunity to share a story about her triplets.

Chikwendu took to her social media page to share some photos of her triplets when they were one week old. According to her, she couldn’t figure out how to take care of them. Sadly, she lost her mum a few weeks before the birth of her babies.

However, everything changed one day and it’s been bliss since that day.

Read her beautiful note below:

#Tbt one week after Ragnar, Aiden and Liam were born, I still couldn’t figure out why my mom left us all to ourselves on this journey, plus I almost died from blood clotting that was noticed not so early, as a mummy’s girl my anger grew from knowing mommy would have figured this out in time.

I often intentionally blocked my mind to understanding certain things because she was my fixer so I didn’t need to know how to. In those depressed moments I avoided my boys in anger but on this very day after crying for an hour in the bathroom I came out picked them up and kept staring at them , then came the guilt.

I got upset with myself for letting them down becauSe of a pain they probably could feel too, I was able to find reasons to smile whilst looking at their sweet faces but In my moments of hesitation @frank_de_hilarious could only see a mom in awe of her boys and captured each second but each time I look at these pictures the truth remains, it was my turning point from pain and blames added to surviving after delivery .

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