Deputy PM Says Vietnam is Ready to Help Nigeria with their Agricultural Industry

The Deputy Prime Minister has met with some of the leaders of the Vietnam business and they have come out with a statement. The Deputy Prime Minister has confirmed that Vietnam is more than happy to help Nigeria with the agriculture industry and they are even going to send experts to explore the various projects that are lined up in the field too. They had a working session with the Chairman of Nigeria and they also chose to congratulate the President- Muhammadu Buhari. They won the election for a second tenure.

The State of Nigeria Right Now

He has come out to say that the geopolitical and even economical similarities between Vietnam and Nigeria could actually bring about a number of benefits to the people and to the government too. This is spectacular news to say the least and it just goes to show that when government too. This is spectacular news to say the least and it just goes to show that when two parties come together, great things can happen. Oshiomhole has congratulated Vietnam on the various economic achievements they have accomplished. This is especially the case when you look at the agricultural industry. Of course, they have also expanded in the world of technology and information too. If you are looking for some proof of this then the only thing that you need to do is take a look at NetBet.

They have accomplished a great deal for the internet industry and even the casino industry too. More and more people are now using sites like this and therefore the demand is increasing. This had a domino effect which led to some of the changes you see today. Nigeria on the other hand really want to try and step things up and they also want to try and create ties with Vietnam in fields such as this.

Vietnam and their Focus on Poverty Reduction

He wanted to learn from Vietnam and their experience. He’s interested in learning how poverty can be reduced and how they could try and ease how reliant they are on gas and other related revenue. They also want to send delegation to Vietnam so that they can learn how to create more jobs and so that they can also raise a mutual level of understanding. This would mean great things for both parties. Of course, Vietnam and Nigeria have a trade investment seminar and this is going to be done on a very large scale. Representatives from 150 different enterprises have come together and they have also proposed various measures that will help them to boost bilateral trade. This is especially the case when you look at the strengths that come from the country, such as rice, cotton, coffee and even cashew nuts.

Of course, if more can be done to support the country then this is only good news and it may even mean that there are further developments in the future. Right now though, it looks like things are staying as they are until talks progress.

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