A US-based Nigerian man identified as Val Obikwere took to his social media to share why he stopped dating Nigerian women for six years. According to him, they are ungrateful and entitled.

Obikwere shared his experience after a guy tweeted that he gave a Nigerian lady some money but rather than thank him, she asked him to do better.

Taking to Twitter, the US-based man shared his experience with Nigerian women compared to American and Carribean women.

Read his story below:

I’m yet to meet an ungrateful American or Caribbean woman. That’s why I took a 6 year hiatus from dating Nigerian women! They’re the most ungrateful and entitled bunch on earth!

The littlest thing you do for an American or Caribbean woman will always be widely appreciated. I really love that. It makes me wanna do more coz I love to see that huge smile in their face, coming out of their grateful heart

The thought of spoiling a Nigerian woman always gives me headache or stress. Was it not @SimiOtsu_, @ObayiChioma and more that I was consulting coz I wanted to make one idiot smile. After everything, I regretted every bit of it..

Nothing you do for an ungrateful heart will ever be enough. My best dating experienced have always been with non Nigerian women. If I really have to date a Nigerian woman, I have to make sure she’s American at heart to a reasonable point.

f you think I’m lying, take an American girl to just fucking gringos randomly and pay for the entire tab and see how she’d say thank you Take an Nigerian girl to Steak48 and watch her take pictures of meals she can’t afford herself and tell you that your mates are doing better

Gift an American girl a $5k 2015 car from auction and see how excited she’ll be. Gift a Nigerian babe a $7k car from auction and she’d call you broke coz you didn’t get it from a dealership

“You’re broke”, “So because of ordinary 50k, I should come and die?” and all those talks don’t get to me I will not be pressured like the average man to come and do pass myself..

At the end of the day, I know I’m a hot cake. I don’t have to spend so much to mpress any babe or to get anyone. I just want to do it coz I just care. But if I see you’re ungrateful, I bounce.

If I end up with a Nigerian woman, know she’s the best of the best. She’s a unicorn! If you can, try as much as possible to snatch her from me coz you can never see anyone like her

My generalization of Nigerian women is in same way men are being generalized as being trash and I agree with both. There are still some good Nigerian women out there. I pray y’all find love but not from me mehn.

Even the sugar daddies are now tired of Nigerian women. That’s why they now import women or ask those of us abroad to arrange women for them. Nothing better than someone who genuinely appreciates your effort

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