A man identified as Mr Vwokay is challenging the opinion that only poor Nigerians die avoidable deaths because they cannot afford basic healthcare.

Sharing his personal experience on Twitter, Mr Vwokay noted that even a rich person can die a needless death because of the country’s failed infrastructure.

From the bad roads to traffic, a naïve nurse on duty, unavailable doctor who nonchalantly treated him, Mr Vwokay said he could have died a needless death even though he could afford basic health care.

Read his story below:

So my gas cylinder exploded and my whole kitchen was on fire with me inside.. And then I understood that Lagos and Nigeria will kill you with your money and there is nothing you can do about it.

I managed to put out the fire and got burns all over my legs to my knees at around 4:40pm I administered first aid since I was in my house alone and called a family member to come take me to the hospital.

With all the money in my account and my willingness to pay for my treatment it took her almost an hour to meet me up because hold up no dey fear face..

We managed to leave the house with me in mad pains, then Lagos anyhowness started; a 5 minute drive to the hospital turned 30 minutes why? The roads were bad, then a bus driver parked in the middle of the road and was fighting, blocking vehicular movement for almost 10 minutes

And then it hit me. If I had a heart attack or anything that required swift medical assistance I would have been dead.. I am not close to rich or anything but I can afford basic medical coverage but I couldn’t even make it to the hospital to get the emergency help I needed.

Add it to the fact that uneducated auxiliary nurse couldn’t do anything basic for me but tell me kpele while waiting for a doctor who nonchalantly attended to me after waiting for 7 minutes. I gave up on Nigeria yesterday. That second class citizenship in a white racist land with accessibility to basic health amenities and an organized system.

It’s not like I am not a second class citizen here in Nigeria.. The plan is to go to that loneliness that we hear about. I want to be alive and lonely. It’s not like if I die in Nigeria I won’t be lonely in the grave…

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