A woman identified as Omolola Akintola is making a case against poor people in Nigeria. According to her, they are wicked.

Omolola said this in reaction to a story about a 26-year old financial analyst that was killed by his domestic staff despite being kind to them.

The young woman also stated an example of a young boy whose university friends left to drown in a pool because he was more handsome, richer, and often got the attention of girls more than them.

She noted that the best way to help a poor person is from afar, where they can have no access to one’s life.

Read her thread below:

The poor in Nigeria are a terrible lot. Nigerians in general are a wicked people, but you see the poor people you help financially and are nice to? Just be careful. Even if you are middle class and you don’t think you are target. Be nice for your own sake but don’t ever forget

I had to deal with tons of domestic staff and I realized, it did not matter how nice, how kind or how well you treated them. It did not matter that you treated them with dignity and respected their humanity. When they see you, hatred and envy fills their heart.

They will be smiling with you, but one day you fit mistakenly hear what they really think of you. You will be shocked at the bile. “She gave me just 40k for my father’s burial. But she just bought a new phone. I hear the phone is 200k. And she told me that was all she had”…

They will covet everything you have. Even the car you hired them to drive. They will cheat you at every chance they get. Even in your misfortune. When I was in the hospital losing my child, my driver refused to go make deliveries in the morning. Said there was no fuel in the car

This was the driver that got angry because I was angry with him instead of asking how his family was doing. Gave you time off since Wednesday to go take care of your child. You show up at noon on Monday, without telling me you will not be able to make Monday morning deliveries.

See the middle class and rich are a mean lot. But you see the poor in Nigeria, there is a special evil in their hearts. Straight from hell.

I feel less awful for impoverished people in Nigeria. I felt less pity, and the philanthropic spirit in me definitely died a bit. Give them opportunitues and you will find that in many cases they are not wicked because they are poor, they are poor because they are wicked.

Best way to help the poor in Nigeria is from afar. With no access to you or your life. Give to organisations and let them help you do good while reducing your exposure to evil.

To think I used to think my mother’s own was too much for having rules like no helps in the main house past 10 pm, no helps upstairs, and changing all the locks to the house very frequently.

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