Standup comedian Basketmouth and his wife, Elsie Okpocha is celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary today, November 6. The couple took to their social media page to acknowledge their special day.

With a video of them walking inside a beautiful place, Basketmouth said that his 9 years marriage with his wife has been smooth and easy.

For Elsie, after almost a decade, she says she is still in love with her husband.

Basketmouth and his wife met in 2005 when the comedian was planning for his first big show, Basketmouth Uncensored. He had gone to the University of Lagos, where his wife was schooling at the time to distribute handbills when he met her.

Meanwhile, Elsie said she was a huge fan of her husband before they even met.

In a chat with Wedding Channel Africa TV, Basketmouth said he walked up to his wife to collect her number. According to him, that would be the first time in his life to approach a woman for her number.

But to his dismay, Elsie gave him a wrong number. Two days later, he went back to her school and confronted her on why she gave him a wrong number. Having collected her correct number, he deleted it to prove that no woman could joke with him.

As fate would have it, they met again at a club, 11:45, where they danced together and he collected her number again.  After their meeting, they became friends, started a relationship and got married in 2010.

Check out the videos posted by the couple below:

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