In 2015, when popular blogger, Linda Ikeji revealed that she bought a two-storey luxury house in the Banana Island area of Ikoyi, the internet went agog with the news.

The mother of one even shared photos of the beautiful house on her social media page to verify the news. At the time, many people believed Linda bought the house because she is rich enough to do so.

The controversial blogger has now revealed the reason she bought the house, to the amazement of her fans.

Linda, who was recently in Ghana for bloggers summit, shared her story during the meeting. According to her, she decided to buy her mansion because rats were disturbing her at her rented apartment in Surulere.

She said,

I used to live a rented house in Surulere and I was working from home. I didn’t have an office. This was in 2015. There were two rats in my house and they used to terrorise me. One day I was in the sitting room working and one of the rats was disturbing me. It kept climbing my leg and I would stand up and shriek and in out of the room and then I would come back to check if the rats had gone.

And then I said how can rats be disturbing me in my house, I’m rich now.

Then I called my friend on the phone and said, “Hi, I’m ready to buy a house,” and I eventually bought a house worth $2.5million dollars.

Watch her speak below:


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