L-R: Mr. Taieck Son, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. James Lee, Regional President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa Region, Ms. Toke Makinwa, Celebrity and a renowned On-Air Personality and Mr. Mohammed Fouani, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Ltd at the launch of the LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioner today at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.


The launch of the new LG Dual Air Conditioner was held at one ofthe indoor halls in Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja. The event started at about 9:30am with soft music playing in the background as guests arrived.The hall had a great ambience and was decorated in white and wine to complement the LG brand colors. While everyone was trying to get settled, Beverly Nnaya came up to introduce herself as the event host and welcomed those that were in attendance and urged them to get breakfast at the food stand right at the entrance of the hall. While some guests were having breakfast, more guests and special dignitaries arrived.
Few minutes later, Beverly called the attention of everyone and asked that they settle as the event was to start proper. She welcomed everyone again and gave special recognition to the CEO, LGRegional Mr James Lee, CEO, LG West Africa, Tak Sun, MD,Fouani Nigeria, Mohammad Fouani and Toke Makinwa.
She then brought on the Magnito Dance Company for a dance performance that made the crowd go wild and gave a loud applaud. Immediately after that, LG’s Regional CEO, James Lee was invited for a speech.
James appreciated the guests, customers, clients and most especially the media for their support. He then went on to discuss about the LG Thinq dual cool premium AC. In his words he said, “ The LG thinq dual cool premium AC is launching in the Nigeria market for the first time outside Korea where it kicked off sales about 14 months ago and that is because we trust the Nigerian market and want to introduce this advanced technology here before anywhere else . He closed his speech urging guests to relax and have a wonderful experience.
After he was done, Beverly invited Mohammed Fouani for a speech. Fouani first commended the dance group and encouraged them to keep the energy and surely they will rule the world as Nigeria is a home of amazing talents. He then went on to congratulate the LG team on a succssful launch and applauded them on making a greatmove to launch in Nigeria.
Another dance group was invited for a performance. They had a bit of comedy and dance in their performanc. It was a beautifulrendetion to watch. Moments after, a staff of LG, Mr Olugbenga did a product presentation. He listed some of the specifications of thedual AC which include:
WiFi option that makes it connect to the internet and can be operated with a phone.
It is designed like a pillar and has a chandelier like vent.
It purifies air and has a wide range cooling.
– It has a smart thinq app that makes you control the AC from anywhere.
The AC helps dehumidification with the dehumidification power saving energy that saves 55% energy compared to other ACs
– The AC can go round 120 degrees
It has 10 years warranty and has a censor for body detention
After the presentation by Mr Olugbenga, the LG thinq dual cool premium AC was launched by James Lee alongside Toke Makinwa.Pictures were taken and there was an interactive session were questions about the AC were raised.
Mr Tak Sun then gave the
closing remark and brought the event to an end.

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