Curious About Pregnancy & Fertility? Attend Dr. Nini’s “Preparing for Pregnancy” Event On September 29th 2019

Did you know? Preparing for pregnancy starts even way before you are ready to get pregnant or married. Decisions we take on a day-to-day basis throughout our lives could impact our health, and in turn; fertility.
Dr Nini’s Women’s Health Awareness Foundation will be holding an event tagged, “Preparing for Pregnancy, ” which is taking place in Lagos on Sunday, September 29th.

The event is free to attend and open to all people: Young single ladies that want to know more about fertility health, newlyweds that would want to have babies sometime soon, people that have been trying to conceive for a while. All are welcome. During this event Dr. Nini and other medical facilitators will discuss certain reproductive health disorders that affect fertility, common habits that could affect conception, complementary therapy that promotes fertility, supplements, what you should be eating for optimal fertility, and a number of techniques to help get started on steps to take when trying to conceive.

Even though Nigeria has one of the highest birth rates in the world with 37.3 births for every 1,000 people or an average of six children per woman meaning more than 7 million new Nigerians are born every year, an estimated 25% of couples still suffer from infertility. And due to factors like societal stigma, cultural pressures, lack of knowledge and financial constraints, many do not opt for assisted reproduction.

At this event, Dr. Nini will be sharing all the information you really need to know about fertility. 

Due to her personal journey with fertility challenges, she developed a passion for empowering and encouraging those that deal with infertility. This was her inspiration behind starting the foundation. 

This is one event you don’t want to miss!

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