“They have started applying the minimum wage payment”- Chris Ngige

Nigeria Minister for Labour and Productivity. Dr. Chris Ngige, has mentioned that the implementation of the increased minimum wage has begun in the country.

He said this while in Enugu as he added that the payment to levels 1 to 6 commenced last month. According to Ngige;

“The major hurdle in the minimum wage issue has been crossed. We have crossed the rubicon and the rubicon was getting a new rate for the minimum wage. And the minimum wage is the lowest remuneration paid as compensation to a worker for his services and this is for the least paid worker in Nigeria.

“It is for those on lowest rung of the payment ladder. And in the public service, it is for the workers on Grade Level 1 Step 1. We moved it from N18, 000 as in the old Act to N30, 000. To me, that was the major crossing of the rubicon”. 

“Categorically, government has started the partial implementation of minimum wage

“They have started applying the minimum wage payment. So, they have paid in August. They are going to pay in September with arrears spanning from April 18 to workers in this band that I have so told you. And as for workers from Grade Level 7 to 17, that their negotiation with the committee of permanent secretaries, representing us, has hit the rocks, we, as government are going to reconstitute the committee and engage them” he added.

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