Nanya is back with her dynamite voice and melodious sound, following a long time since her last single, ‘Plastic People’.  A tune about the trick and phoney characters in society and our inter-personal connections.

While her prior tracks like ‘Plastic People’ and ‘No Hate’ speak true to today’s current affairs and world events, her most recent exertion demonstrates Nanya is standing in her light!

With an already solid foundation, she took an extended time away from the forefront and immersed herself in the background, in the realm of music creation and production.

During this time, she nurtured her musical blessing, characterized her sound and style of music.  The new melody, ‘MY GUY,’ introduces a nostalgic vibe that helps you to remember first love or a period you felt cherished genuinely and unconditionally.

MY GUY takes you through the ebbs and flows of a relationship, the early stages, what happens when the bubble love phase is over and how one has come to value the LOVE you have, which has stood the trials of time.

MY GUY is brought to you by Natialo Productions, a music production company which has been extremely instrumental to Nanya’s revelation and definition of her signature sound.

Nanya, who holds exceptionally gifted vocal controls and techniques, found a mentor in Mr Olaitan Dada (the CEO of Natialo Productions.)  He has worked with talents such as Yemi Alade, Aramide, Waje among others).

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A little background info about NANYA:

Nanya Ijeh is a graduate of Political Science at Babcock University.  The Delta Nigeria native moved to Lagos in 2011 and juggled concentrating on music theory, piano and vocals at the Muson School of Music, earning an MSc in international law and diplomacy at the University of Lagos.

NANYA has written and recorded motion picture soundtracks for Uche Jombo Productions.  She also featured on M.I’s “Chairman” album.

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