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Introducing, BoxxCulture- an unconventional media agency

Over the years, we have worked with businesses and brands from small scales to multinationals in designing brand identities and visual communications that matter. However, there is more to us – and we are making a transition to show the more we are made of. Introducing, BoxxCulture (RC 2968692) – an unconventional media agency dedicated to creating iconic opportunities for talents and brands in entertainment, fashion, sports, politics, corporate, literature, art, advocacy, creativity et cetera. Here are some strategies we deploy in creating opportunities for your brand;
i. We create bespoke strategies for brand performance that opens possibilities for profitability;

ii. We help increase desirability by designing emotive media plugging that spark
desire and sustain relevance

iii. We leverage our industry relationships and consumer understanding to create
activities that will differentiate your brand and captivate the right audience. That’s not all but we are not interested in boring you. Talking about boredom, we also do not bore our clients with restrictions and exclusivities; we never want to make our clients feel caged or stuck due to complex paper works. Our simple MoUs allow our clients freely enjoy their personal modes of operation and engage a personal team for their brand providing, providing best, (or applicable) practices. Our clients have nothing to lose being listed on BoxxCulture. Our team is always working to uncover magical opportunities that will boost our clients’ brand. All we need is a response to our call when an opportunity knocks, and everybody will go home happy.

We are also not greedy. Our revenue comes just from an itty-bitty percentage of the opportunities we bring to our clients. The company will be sustained by running forprofit assets and subsidiaries like BoxxLive, BoxxMusic, Boxx TV, DocuBoxx, Double X, Boxx Academy et cetera. It will therefore not be out of place to say we have a long-term plan of building a mass media conglomerate.
We have also partnered with heavyweights in media, branding, project management, marketing, public relations and other scopes that will be needed to achieve notable feats with your brand. So far, some of our clients (Boxxers) include; Nse Ikpe-Etim, Eyinna Nwigwe, Tomiwa Sage, Lateef Adedimeji, Juliana Olayode, DammyIsaac, Ayodeji Osowobi, DJ Enimoney, Adetoun Oshodi, Ferdinand Adimefeand more. Don’t just blow; boxx [email protected]

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