Community Burns Down House Of Serial Rapist Luyanda Botha In South Africa

A South African man; Luyanda Botha who has charged to court for raping and murdering a student of the University of Cape town; Uyinene Mrwetyana, has had his house being burned down by community members.

On August 24, Uyinene Mrwetyana was last seen at the Clarenich Post Office where she went to make inquiries about a parcel. It was there she was raped and murdered by Luyanda Botha who is also an employee at the Post Office.

During his trial, he confessed to the crime of rape and murder, as carried out on the victim. A video of the act was posted by South African singer; Unathi saying;

“Community burns down the house of serial rapist Luyanda who raped Uyinene. Bodies which have deeply decayed have been found buried in his yard, INCLUDING that of his wife. I’m very aware of what I am doing before you tell me I’m wrong. THIS post is for all the rapists living and POSTING amongst us. ENOUGH is ENOUGH”

This is happening alongside the xenophobic attacks in the country.

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