“Work Will Soon Begin On Third Mainland Bridge- Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr Adedamola Kuti

The Federal government has revealed plans to resume repairs on major bridges in Lagos, one of which includes the popular Third Mainland bridge. Speaking on the traffic management plans, the Federal controller of works in Lagos; Mr Adedamola Kuti said;

‘”Any moment from now, once I get our traffic plans approved, we may be announcing to the world again that we are now ready to fix Third Mainland Bridge based on investigative tests we had last year.

“Meanwhile, we have already completed the resurfacing, the markings, such that you can now drive on Third Mainland bridge smoothly.

“We are also going to repair some of the piles or pillars carrying the bridge; that is the next phase that we are doing; so work will soon begin on Third Mainland Bridge,’’

He also made mention of the progress on several bridges including the Ijora-7Up Bridge, Ojuelegba bridge, as well as the Alaka bridge.

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