Gideon Okeke Has A Word For Married Couples

Nigerian actor; Gideon Okeke has shared a word of advice to couples about navigating through married life. In a lenghty post uploaded to his Instagram page, he said;

Marriage is NOT a 100m dash.
Rather it’s a spirally unending relay race, where we continually¬†exchange batons.
Here’s some of what I’ve learned on My own :
Dear husbands, don’t reduce your life expectancy by trying to be the Big Man, Always. You want to be there for your family even as your numerical age tends further north, and gravity pulls you physically closer southwards.
The less dependent our wives, the more self sufficient they are, will make for a great baton exchange, when the Day comes. Or else, only you 1 na him be Usain BOLT o.

Dear Wives , notice that on the day of the “baton exchange” (figurative), the receiver needs NOT look back. For as long as he’s on his mark, your cheer and footfalls have Him prepared for his own race. Matter of factly, His race starts where yours stops. You possess incubating and multiplying abilities to see that the collective race is won. Notice that the giver and receiver of the baton, both have their sights on the same finish line.
Let’s have our children bear THEIR own crosses. Marriage is a team sport. Not Daddy’s solo event. You could break your back bending over backwards. Share the weight. A good husband does this…A good husband does that…till a good husband dies right before his Prime. I miss you so much Daddy! And I love you even More.
Una good’o Morney O

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