Reno Omokri Has A Word For Single Men

Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has sent out a word for unmarried men. In a tweet thread, he said;

“Dear young man How can you open your eyes and PROPOSE to a girl who has no JOB, or BUSINESS, yet has a $300 hair style (that‘s retouched every month)? MARRIAGE is meant to be an ASSET. But if you MARRY such a girl, you are MARRYING a huge LIABILITY… Don’t MARRY someone who loves you UNCONTROLLABLY. Instead, MARRY someone who loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. UNCONTROLLABLE love is called PASSION. PASSION is like FASHION. It doesn’t LAST. UNCONDITIONAL love is a DECISION that does NOT depend on EMOTION”

Reno Omokri is also popular for his conflicting views on Twitter.

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