#ThrowbackThursday:Which Of These Was You Favorite Snack

We are making an epic throwback to the period in Nigeria when biscuits, sweets and candies were sold for as low as 50kobo-1Naira. Nowadays, you cant get a biscuit or sweet for five naira-well, at least no in Lagos.

Here are five of the most popular biscuit/sweet/candy back then. let’s know which one was your favourite.

  1. Robot Bubble Gum: These were sold a really cheap per piece. With five Naira, you would get really lucky with a handful. They were mostly fancied for the questions contained at the rear of the wrap. They also cam in different flavours.

  2. Speedy/Digestive: If you were a lover of bite-sized biscuits, then these would have been your favourite. They were also very affordable and were stuffed to the top. These days, they have been reduced in quantity and increased in price.

  3. Trebor: Trebor was a delight those days. It was a mixture of sugar and mint, for those who wanted to play safe.

  4. Cabin: This is arguably one of the oldest standing biscuits, which has a bit of all the periods. Cabin biscuits were the choice for entertaining a large number of guests, without having to spend so much.

  5. Choco Milo: This product has also stood the test of time. They were fashioned in little cubes and had a resemblance with seasoning cubes.

Can you identify your favourite??

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