The Bible Is A Great Work Of Fiction- Ikhide R Ikheloa, Literary Critic

A literary critic; Ikhide R Ikheloa has come under fire for expressing his beliefs about the bible. In a facebook post, he said; 

“Unpopular opinion: The bible is a great work of fiction, a tool of oppression created by feuding brothers to oppress women, children and the vulnerable. It is homophobic and racist and to the extent that white slave hunters prayed over captured warriors from West Africa with the bible before they were shipped off to be slaves, it boggles my mind that an African would look at that bible and not hiss in disgust. Their God looked away during the middle passage as millions of Africans perished during the slave trade. We had our own religion before the coming of the white man. What is wrong with us? We are our own slaves. Onugo of my people lives in me.

Open your eyes. Nonsense”

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