Iredumare Opeyemi, Director Of Legal And Business At Transnet Music Limited, leaves BOOMPLAY, Joins MTN

The director of legal and business at Transnet Music limited; Iredumare Opeyemi, has resigned from his role at BOOMPLAY as he takes up a new role as Head Legal & Partnership Manager (Snr.), Music services, MTN.

The graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria (LLB) and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (LLM), speaking on his new appointment said;

“It was a beautiful experience being part of a digital music platform that assured that the music business in Africa is investment-worthy,”…. he also mentioned that he will be;

 ensuring its (MTN) music products operates with best practices, liaise with potential partners across territories where MTN is active and most importantly deliver world-class music services to MTN subscribers and others.”

He isn’t the first to make such move as hos former boss; Oyebowale Akideinde (General Manager of Music Services), who previously worked for Boomplay also departed for MTN.

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