“For Better For Worse Is A Curse”-Reno Omokri Shares His Thoughts About Marriage

The 45-year-old Nigerian Lawyer and Author; Reno Omokri has shared his thought on marriage in a series of tweets posted recently.

He started with; “Jesus played NO PART in the MARRIAGE at Cana. The only thing He did was turn WATER to WINE during the FEAST that FOLLOWED the WEDDING. If you want to justify Church Wedding, then couples should go to church with WATER for the PASTOR to turn to WINE”, and then followed with;

The power of a priest or pastor to pronounce you ‘MAN and WIFE’ comes from man, not from God. Read The Bible. It is God’s letter to you. There is nothing like that in The Bible. Marriage is a FAMILY matter involving the couple and their parents ONLY”. He then further stated;Reno Omokri

Image Credit: Believers Portal

“For BETTER for WORSE, in SICKNESS and in HEALTH’ is SATANIC. It‘s a CURSE! You are accepting an evil prophesy. God’s testimony about you and your marriage is that “GOODNESS and MERCY shall follow you ALL (not SOME) the days of your life”-Psalm 23:6

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