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Kardashian Fans Attack Jordyn Woods Over Cheating KUWTK Episode With Tristan

Fans of the popular reality tv show; Keeping Up With the Kardashians have come after Jordyn Woods over the alleged flirt session she had with Tristan in which they ended up kissing. According to Kylie, speaking on the cheating scandal, she said; “I just think everyone is so twisted, Jordyn didn’t think about me, she didn’t think about Kylie, she didn’t think about my daughter. She didn’t think about Tristan. And she didn’t think about herself. They’re both at fault. I’m not blaming just Jordyn. Tristan, we’ve all known what he was capable of. Look what he did when I was nine months pregnant. I knew who he was. I never in a million years thought that’s who she was.”Jordyn Woods

Angry fans have swarmed Jordyn’s Instagram page, attacking her after she uploaded a video of her charitable giving, while some have labelled her a backstabber and Home breaker, others went as far as saying; “She had to do good deeds it’s her conscience biting at her for what she did to Kylie and Kylie and True.”

The drama between the two friends might be never-ending as Khloe is still apparently disappointed at her friend’s behaviour, involving her ex- Tristan Thompson.

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