#MondayMotivation: How To Stay Motivated At Work

Motivation can be unreachable at times. There are days where you wouldn’t feel like it, and this is not simply because you are lazy, it is just hard to stay motivated at work, and all you are handling at the moment. During those dark moments, you may not have the zeal to carry on, and if care is not taken, this lack of motivation would begin to affect other areas of your life. If you find yourself in this box, you may need to keep on track by doing any/all of these five things;

1. Stress: One rule to staying motivated is not get worked up. There is no point in worrying about other situations that are beyond your control. Rather, focus on what you can change and have control over. There are other things you could be doing, instead of worrying about something that didn’t work out. Your mental stability is of utmost importance, therefore don’t take it with levity. Try not to think too hard.

2. Read: One advantage of reading books is that they offer inspiration and most times motivation, for the time being. If you are struggling with maintaining your motivation level, maybe its time to take up a book to read. reading not only increases your motivation towards things, but it also expands your mental capacity, helping you take on more tasks than you can imagine. Pick a book that also appeals to you personally. Monday Motivation

3. Just do it: Motivation is simply the lack of the enthusiasm to undertake a task, so why not just do it anyway. If you fail, at least you know tried, and if you succeed, that’s the best part of the news. When you find yourself in a fix, and you just can’t seem to move on, do something, anything. It is a step forward.

4. Break down goals: When you break down your goals into small bite-sized goals, you make it easier for success to be spotted, and likewise, the motivation level to increase. Most times, the lack of motivation stems from past failures and insecurities about getting the job done. However, when the goals have been cut into bits it makes it easier to celebrate milestones.

5. Take a break: When you no longer feel motivated to take on certain tasks, it could your body telling you to take a well-deserved break or rest. Relax and take your mind off every other thing. It would help if you can also practice mindfulness at this point, to help put your mind at ease. When you are well rested, you can then resume your work, knowing that you feel better already.

There are a lot of factors that constantly strive to demotivate you as an individual. However, when you are aware of how to handle these funny situations you will see yourself soaring and succeeding 99% of the time.

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