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#ThrowbackThursday: Which Of These Items Did You Own

Thursdays are for throwbacks. On Thursdays, we recreate exciting memories, that would last for a very long time. Today we are casting our minds back to household items that were a must-have in those days. There was definitely a lot of pressure if you didn’t own at least one of these items;Throwback Thursday

TV: The television sets of those days didn’t come in colours. Despite the monochrome challenge, a lot of individual still strived to get one into their living room. It is a sign of prestige and wealth in those days.

Antenna: If you owned a tv set, then you must have needed an antenna. The antennas were attached to the tv using a wire and then placed on top of the tv sets for maximum coverage. The hardest part was getting the right angle for signals, as the signal strength varied from station to station.

Radio: It was much easier owning a radio than a tv set. Radios primarily functioned as a means of staying connected to the world, with up to date news and happening around the world. They were also being valued as music boxes.Throwback Thursday

Fans: You either owned a ceiling fan or a table fan. Ceiling fans were mostly purchased as opposed to table fans. The designs of the table fans these have not really been altered these days. Throwback thursday

Rocking chairs: Rocking chairs are household antiques. They were luxury items and were mostly placed outside the home, The best time of the days to get comfortable in the rocking chairs were in the mornings and the evening, with the cool breeze whispering through your ears.

Which of these items did you cherish the most?

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