Botswana Legalizes Homosexuality, Scrapping Anti-Gay Laws

On Tuesday morning, a high court in Botswana made history by legalizing homosexual conduct and making the southern African country the first on the continent to erase that colonial legacy through its courts.

In a courtroom packed with a panel of Judges, Justice Michael Leburu said; “Sexual orientation is not a fashion statement, It is not the business of the law to regulate the private behaviour of two consenting adults,”. According to an unidentified Gay man who brought the case to limelight; We are not looking for people to agree with homosexuality but to be tolerant,”Botswana

Speaking on the ruling, the head of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana, Anna Mmolai-Chalmers, said; “It has taken a long time for our community to be where it is…“This incredibly life-changing decision, although it does not right all the wrongs done to individual members of the LGBT community, is a step toward restoring our dignity as human beings.”

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