#MondayMotivation: 5 Ways To stay Away From Distractions

If you don’t plan ahead on Monday, chances are you might struggle with your tasks all week long. Monday is the fresh start and also the beginning of the working week. Getting things right on Monday, increase your chances of a successful week which entails completing all your tasks. However, despite having a great plan for the week, there are little time stealers known as distractions. Distractions the span of your task period and also create a log of unfinished business. To ahead this week, here are 5 ways to avoid distractions;


1. Plan your day/week: Having a realistic plan is the first step towards getting rid of distractions. The keyword in this is “Realistic”. When your plans are realistic, it creates lesser room for distractions. At the beginning of each, ensure you have a list of what you would like to achieve and work towards actually achieving. Without a plan, it may seem like you are not making any progress.

2. Break down tasks: Sometimes, distractions come when we set vague milestones, e;g “complete last week’s tasks”. when you have this kind of tasks on your list, then it would very easy to get distracted because it is not definite. Outline each step of your task and if possible put timelines to it. This way, you can tick off at every progress made, rather than waiting to complete all the steps required to do the task.

3. Work with productive people: The kind of people you work with will definitely affect your pace and progress. working with productive people not only fastens the process for you, but it also keeps you in check and ultimately avoid distraction. You might even be motivated to do more when you are surrounded by people who are positive thinking and productive. Identify productive people in your circle or workplace, and associate yourself with them.

4. Take breaks: Most people have a very short attention span. The trick to this is knowing how long you can stay concentrated while working or handling a task. If you can’t stay focused after an hour of work, then break down your task, and take breaks in between. This would aid your overall productivity and keep you on track without unnecessary pressure.

5. Block online distractions: One of the greatest time stealers is an online distraction. Ranging from Whatsapp messages to Instagram stories, and the Facebook feeds, these apps provide maximum enjoyment, as well as take a chunk of your concentration level. There are various ways to block online distractions, such as downloading a time management app, that helps you track the time you spend on each app and also limit your access to these apps when the inputted time is over. This way you can stay away from your phone, or other distracting sites on your personal computer.

Its a new week, and it is expected that you break a leg in accomplishing your task. Beware of distractions and take time to plan ahead to avoid these silent time wasters.

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