Thank God its Friday! We have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the week and finally, the weekend is upon us. The weekend is the best time to let loose and have some fun before the new week steps in. We have put together five options for you to pick from this weekend.

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1. Clubbing: If you are one for the nightlife, then you can turn up at the club this weekend. Fridays and Saturday are the best time to hit the club and thank God its Friday. You can go in company of two or three friends this weekend, or plan a massive turn for all your friends.

2. Attend a wedding: If you have been keeping all your wedding plans on hold, then its time to unleash them. Step out in the latest Owambe fashion this weekend and let your down. You definitely deserve after a stressful week.

  1. See Movies: Turning up requires a level of creativity. You might have the urge to see a movie, but don’t want to step out. It is not a problem, you can always have your friends come over while you set up to give them the best cinema experience indoors. It will just be like you left the house.

  2. Visit the Beach: The Beach is also a good idea for turning up this weekend. You can go alone to clear your thoughts of in the company of few friends. The sight of the sea water gushing against the smooth sand is one to see for days.

  3. Hang out: You can hang out with the people you love in a cool area. If you reside in Lagos, there a couple of cool spots you can hang out, that are also affordable. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the weekend with a lot of rest.

Which of these would you be doing this weekend?

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