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“Iyabo Attempted To Bribe Me”- Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial Nigerian journalist; Kemi Olunloyo has come our publicly claiming Oyabo Ojo attempted to bribe her for a post saying she has been forgiven.

The rift between Kemi Olunloyo and Iyabo Ojo aggravated when Iyabo Ojo made a post, adding that Kemi Olounloyo was only trying to blackmail people with her name. She said; “Well! well! well!! Manipulating people with my name to seek attention & emotionally blackmailing them to donate money towards a made up lie you created in your head to seek sympathy is a BIG SCAM and totally unacceptable…… You’re the real yahoo yahoo, in fact, yours is a PLUS. Awon online mummy ……… be prepared ?…… Ewa alright Las Las

Angered by this allegation, the journalist replied; “Iyabo, do not enter Ibadan, it is not safe”. She also added; Iyabo attempted to bribe me with a house, car, expensive phone in exchange for a post on her saying I’ve forgiven her”.

Iyabo Ojo, apparently angered by this replied; “I never buy my self house, buy my pickin them house, na you I go come offer house…car & expensive phone………you are mad academically”.

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