3 Cheats That Will Save Your Salary

There is no denying that these are hard times. At this point, we are all just trying to manage the ‘tiny’ resources we have. The alert has not finished entering and the money has finished. Kai!

Thankfully, we’ve found some cheat codes that will help save your salary (and your life o). So, here goes, 3 things that will save your salary from ‘zanku-ing’ out of your life very quickly:

1. Jump that bus:

If one bus ride and a keke will take you to your destination, we’re telling you, just jump that bus! Forget ‘tushness’ and remember ‘brokenness’.

Let’s save the Uber and Bolt rides for the very important sturvs. When N250 can help you, what are you doing with a ride of N1,400?!

2. Better ‘Fit Fam’ Your Life:

Something that we need for survival should never be such hard work!

So, you see that eatery that you stop by on your way to and from work every day? The one that you can hear them whispering your name from? Yes, that one. You need to reduce your visits there; they are not your friends at all. In fact, they might be the enemy number one of your pocket.

Think about how you will use the money you saved from eating out every day, you might even be able to buy that land, we are not joking. Fit fam people should be given an award already.

3. Don’t Be ‘Data Silly’:

Yup, ‘data silly’ is a word. You will understand soon.

We all have those Instagram pages we cannot do without. The gist is too sweet, the drama is too good, the fight is too legendary. You wake up in the morning and you have 500 messages from 3 of the loudest groups, and there are a million and one pictures and videos to back up those messages. And there is always that gory picture that somebody sent.

How on earth did they all get on your phone? For the data sucking and how to stop it,  that one is easy to fix, we found a few tricks.

For instance, if you want to reduce the data sucked by Instagram, go to Settings, select ‘Cellular Data Use’ then tick ‘Use Less Data’. Easy!

For the ones sending you gory, unnecessary pictures – sorry, we can’t help you.

Times are hard, having no money is harder. These are some of the cheat codes we’ve been using to manage the salary ish and we are handing it out for free.

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