#MotivateMe: How To Deal With The Monday Stress

For the working class and entrepreneurs, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. This is because it cuts short the weekend and begins the start of another working week. Being this as it may, there are a lot of ‘stress’ stories that accompany the day.

Monday Stress

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One of the reasons individuals may feel stressed on Monday is because being the first day of the working week, there are a lot of tasks to be accomplished and just seeing the list things to be done, emanates a feeling of being overwhelmed. There are ways to deal with the day’s stress without letting it spill into the week, thereby affecting your overall performance. Here are 3 ways to break a leg this week;

Start your day early: Getting up early enough to start your day would give your time to do whatever you planned to before hitting the road to the office. Based on your location, it also allows you to beat the rush hour traffic that may accompany the day. If you start your day using the fire brigade approach, chances are it would delay you and cause you unnecessary tension to catch up with time.

Be optimistic: Optimism is the energy that drives the accomplishment of goals. If you present a negative outlook on the day, it may most likely affect your attitude towards work and reduce your overall performance. Look out for things that would trigger negativity and avoid them.

Don’t procrastinate: The best time to do anything is now. Procrastination has a way of eliminating success gradually. If you pile things up for the next, you may most likely not do them. Ever. If you have a lot of tasks to accomplish, then it is time to get an online planner with reminders or you simply do it yourself manually. This reduces your chances of procrastinating items that should be on your to-do list.

There are many paths to success that you could follow each week, however, one of the most important things is self-discovery. Know yourself and what you are capable of handling. This is not an express ticket to limit yourself but to know your limits and scale even higher, regardless of the obstacles such as stress that may stand in the way.

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